We Have Moved


Our previous Flash Site in Geocities is still online and viewable in http://snsclc.tk, but our online redirection address at http://snsclc.cjb.net points to our Webs Account. The new URL address that we have is http://snsclc.webs.com or alternately viewable also in http://snsclc.cjb.net. This move is in line with the news that Geocities will be closing within this year.

"We have enjoyed hosting web sites created by Yahoo! users all over the world, and we're proud of the community you've built.

However, we have decided to focus on helping our customers exploreand build relationships online in other ways. Beginning on October 26,2009, you will no longer be able to use GeoCities to maintain a freepresence online ? but we're excited about the other services we havedesigned to help you connect with friends and family and share youractivities and interests."

This text and further notice is available here.

To go to new SNSCLC website click here.